Behaviour and Schedule


All guild officers listed above are responsible for the guild and the way the guild is run.

General Behaviour

We expect mature respectful behaviour from all members at all times. We deffinetley enjoy good banter and poke fun at each other, but it's always in good spirit.

During progression raids, it is essential to keep discord and the in-game raid channel clear when the raid leader is going over tactics or the master looter is assigning loot. Raids are not the place for prolonged discussion of tactics or loot. Short comments during a raid on improvements to a tactic or a concern over loot are encouraged but should not extend beyond that.

The Raid Leader or Master Looters decision is final on matters such as these.

Raiding Schedule

Progression raids will be 19:15-22:30 Sever time on Thursday and Sunday. Social/Alt raids will be run on Tuesday nights dependant on numbers.

You are expected to make your own way to the instance and be outside of it by the raid start time. Please do not expect a summon.

Raid Teams


Progression Raid Team

In the progression raid team there will be no friend invites, no cross realm invites and no guild mergers, so to be a part of the progression raid team players must be in the guild and meet the requirements to join in progression raids. This is to provide stability and structure within the progression raid team and the progression toward mythic raiding.

Social/Alt Raid Team

In the Social/Alt raid team, friend invites are welcome and cross realm is allowed but again there will be no guild mergers. This is due to the fact that we have found numerous times before that they do not work. As long as players meet the minimum requirements they can participate.



Raid Attendance

High attendance is required within the raid team to provide stability, structure and is important for our progression towards mythic raiding. We understand that some players work shifts and their attendance can differ from week to week even though there may be some sort of pattern to the shift work. We can work around this as it isn’t a problem and no one should be penalised because of real life.

The in-game calendar will be use to schedule raids. Raiders must respond to the calendar invitation to show their attendance. The option to be tentative is only valid if you have spoken with the Raid Leader or an Officer and informed them you may be late.

If you are not able to attend the planned raid or if you are to be away for a period of time, please let the Raid Lead or Officers know and post on our discord that you will be absent in the #holidays channel. Failure to do this before going on holidays may result in finding yourself demoted to social when you come back.

If you are unable to log into WoW to respond to calendar invitations, you can also access the calendar through the WoW Armory app on your smart phone or tablet.

Your commitment to the progression raid team is expected for the entire raid tier. In the past problems have arisen where attendance dies off due to boredom, looting all available gear or only wanting to kill the last boss on Heroic mode. This attitude is unacceptable if we are to progress into Mythic raiding. Each raider relies on each other equally for consistent progression.

If any issues arise that will impact your attendance and/or performance, you are welcomed and encouraged to speak with the Raid Leader or an Officer.

Loot Rules


Loot Council

We use the RCLootCouncil addon to hand out loot during our progression raids and you are expected to also have this addon installed. This is to ensure that the team is geared up roughly equally so that the guild can progress further which will result in better gear for all in the long run.

The Council is made up of the raid leader and officers and we have stat priority lists and we will discuss amongst the council to make the best decision for the guilds progress.

If you have any other information about the item which you think is important that we should know, let one of the council know before the final decision is made as once the decision has been made it is final.

Bonus Rolls

Any Bonus Rolls must be done before your responses for loot are made within RCLootCouncil. The result of your Bonus Roll may affect what decision you make and will avoid the chance receiving duplicate pieces of loot that could have gone to benefit another player.

Loot Priority


Personal loot is used during Social/Alt urns.

Loot Options


Main Spec / BiS - Select this option if the item is for your Main Spec or is your BiS.
ilvl Upgrade - Select this option if you have an equivalent item but a lower ilvl.
Off Spec - Select this option if the item is for your Alt Spec.
Transmog - Because you just want to look pretty.
Pass - Select this if you have no interest in the item.


1st Piece - Select this option if its your first teir piece.
2nd Piece + Set Bonus - Select this option if its your second piece and 2 set bonus.
3rd Piece - Select this option if its your third teir piece.
4th Piece + Set Bonus - Select this option if its your fourth piece and 4 set bonus.
Swap or Ilvl Upgrade - Select this option if you want to change around your tier items or want a chance to upgrade your current item.
Pass - Select this if you have no interest in the item.

Loot Rules Continued


Tier Items

Tier items will be looked at separately as it is important for all classes to have 2 set bonus and 4 set bonus. We would prefer to see these items go to people who do not have these bonuses to help the raid as a 2 set or 4 set bonus will be much more useful to use than a potential 15ilvl or higher upgrade.

Loot Council Aim

The aim is to ensure fair distribution of loot while maximizing the power we get from gear. We try to handle loot in a mature way where and encourage people to let someone have a drop if it benefits them more. This sort of knowledge and behaviour is encouraged, and the extra rules are there to ensure fair distribution, not to punish players. No system is perfect, and there is no way to effectively rule out RNG.

We try to distribute the loot fairly among the team, however there may be occasions where loot drops which benefits one member more than others and that person may receive multiple items in a night. Although we try to avoid this and hand gear out fairly it is always an possibility.

We also keep track of the loot and who received what items in an effort to prevent one person going without loot for multiple weeks. If you feel you have been over looked please speak the raid leader who will look into your concerns and deal with it accordingly. It may be that you are correct and have not received anything for multiple weeks, this is not the intention and we apologise for this and will keep this in mind on the next raids to make sure you receive what you need.

Raid Requirements



Oversight Gaming Discord


RC Loot Council

Exorsus Raid Tools

Deadly Boss Mods

Pawn - for stat weights

Character Requirements

A minimum ilvl of 930 is required to join the progress team.

All gem slots are to be filled with best gems available to your character and all items enchanted as needed.

Expected From You

Bring some of your own food in case you die.

Your own flasks, if you miss the cauldrons you will have to use your own flasks.

To turn up on time for invites and be ready to start at 19:30 server time.

What we supply



We will supply feasts and cauldrons for all our Progress raids. We still expect you to bring some of your own just in case you die or if you turn up late you will have to use your own flask until the next cauldron is placed.

We will also supply Vantus Runes for progress boss if we feel it necessary to use them but we will not be upset if you plan ahead and use one of these if we do not feel that we need to use them.


Tactics for bosses will be linked on our discord and will usually be in the form of a video with any extra notes added to the post. It is also expected and appreciated that you to also perform your own research before a new boss. During a progression raid, a brief run down on tactics before each boss will be supplied by the Raid Leader or Raid Assistant. Please ensure you listen carefully.

Raid Logs

Every raid is logged and those logs are uploaded to Warcraft Logs.

We understand that sometimes updates may change the way your class works and we also like to see how well our members perform in fights. While it is always your own responsibility to stay up-to-date with changes and research how to improve performance, we will offer assistance to improve you where able. This will usually be in the form of pointing you in the right direction be it websites, forums or discord channels. While we want to see every player perform at their best, we are not going to spoon feed you on how to play your class.