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For our progression raid team we are looking for people who have the basics down already, avoid puddles, dodge beams, get out of the fire, stack when told and spread when needed. We are not here to teach people the basics as our team has those down already. You also need to be equipped with a minimum ilvl of 930.

These are our requirements, however we are willing to give some consideration to people who are just returning to the game and show promise on their logs but are simply under-geared. If you fall into this category we will discuss this with you privately.

Socials are always welcome too! With us you’ll find a group of people who enjoy playing WoW in all its forms. From raiding and mythic keystones, to world quests and even farming old content for mounts, transmog and achievements. Everyone has their own style and preferred playing method so we’re sure you’ll feel comfortable quickly.

Below are our current recruitment requirements for our progression raid team. If your class and/or spec is not listed, you are still welcome to apply for consideration.