Welcome to Oversight Gaming

We are a Horde WoW guild on Maghteridon - EU. We raid 2 nights a week aiming for as much progression as we can. We cleared ToS 1/9M and are recruiting for more to join us. The guild's atmosphere is aimed more towards a mature (18+) group who love to raid and do mythics.

If you are after a friendly guild and are able to turn up every Thursday and Sunday and give us 100% then consider joining us here at Oversight!

Regular Raids

Our progress team raids on Thursday and Sunday night from 19:30 - 22:30 ST. With Antorus on the horizon, we are eager to start our progression in the final raid of Legion! We also run a raid on Tuesday nights for our social members and alts.

WoW Guild Rankings

Find us on Discord

We use discord as our main voice chat for raids and day to day chit chat. We try to make full use of discord, supplying links to tactics and have alerts for upcoming updates and notes in game.

Website update and guild news

Website updated on 20 January 2018

We have been progressing through at a steady pace, had a bit of a recruitment drive to fill some gaps, still looking for more to join the team.

We have had some officers leave us due personal reasons, and are currently looking to do some internal recruiting to fill our officer spots. All guild activites are continuing as normal while we fill these spots.

Endgineer Omegaplugg

Would like to congratulate Boneduil, Bonniethecat, Evanava, Korosion and Gatamura on killing Endgineer Omegaplugg in Gnomeragen.

Mythic Raiding

On previous raid tiers we havent had much success in getting the numbers for mythic but we are close.

Previously we killed skopyron with an 18 man team as we were just lacking numbers and for one night only we managed a team of 20 and took out Goroth.

We are still looking for more members to help us progress to mythic raids for Antorus.